Liking posts on fb by a regular user - automation

Hello everyone, is it possible to like fb posts as a regular user not related to the page, but through the user’s api? is it in line with the fb regulations?

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Facebook rules change so often theres no point depending on something, I would like to do something like this too, thats when i found selenium which is a browser emulator, which can mimic a users actions through a chosen browser, I would like to submit a request for some kind of selenium node, because it can be run with javascript or python.


A bit of an update, I have successfully used selenium with N8N but its a complicated process my setup

Selenium grid running: 4 selenium firefox nodes (use docker compose to run)
Self built Python flask webapp to take http requests from N8N and send the jobs to selenium grid over local network( also running in docker container)
N8N (also in a docker container)

how it works, the job is sent out via http request, which is received by the python flask app, then the python app sends the request to selenium to go click a bunch of buttons and input data to download a PDF, after that i use python to return the PDF file to N8N then use N8N to format the filename and save it on the server.

Facebook might be a bit harder to create a flow for but it could still work if you wanted to invest the time and energy