Lines between nodes have disappeared


I am having a workflow with missing lines between nodes (it always had lines between nodes until I noticed it this morning), I do not understand what happened, could you please help me?

What is also very weird is that my workflow does not return any error when run although the start webhook respond is set ‘using respond to webhook node’.

See latest execution:

Here is what I am using:
N8N cloud
Version 1.11.1

Hi @lequeuxa :wave: That’s strange :thinking: Has this happened to all your workflows, or just this one? Can you also let us know what browser you’re using, and if it happens in other browsers as well? :thinking:

Hi @EmeraldHerald,

Yes, very strange.

Might have happened because the workflow could have been running while I was upgrading?

No, it is the only single workflow affected, all others are fine (I tested in both Chrome & Edge, same results).

Should I create the lines again?

I’ve noticed that there are no error notifications, even though there’s an error workflow specified in the workflow settings. I expected it to trigger an error with the webhook configuration in place. Do you have any insights into why this might be happening?

Hi @lequeuxa :wave:

Maybe that was it :thinking: Could you DM me your cloud account username or email? Someone on the engineering team might want to look into this, but it’d be very helpful to have that information :+1: Go ahead and reconnect up your workflow (and I’m so sorry this happened to you!), but knowing which cloud instance this was would be really helpful.


Hi @lequeuxa :wave: If this happens again would you be able to open your console and share if there’s any errors? I’ve also gone ahead and reported this to our engineering team and will be back with any updates :+1:

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I’ve had this happen a few times too. It started shortly after redeploying our on-prem instance. about 24 hrs ago. (Previous deployment was running for about a week and never had this happen).

Let me know if any logs or troubleshooting tests would be helpful.


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New version [email protected] got released which includes the GitHub PR 7483.


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