LinkedIn Company Pages for Individuals/SMB not available anymore?

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I’m trying to automate my company’s LinkedIn page.

This n8n documentation states that I need to create an app in LinkedIn Developer Platform and “if you would like to connect an organizational LinkedIn account to n8n, then you also additionally need to enable the Marketing Developer Platform product.”

Turns out Marketing Developer Platform product was deprecated, and the only path LinkedIn provide to automate company pages is using Community Management API product, which has a strict review process that depends on verifying a company, which apparently only works for US-based large companies. (I’m not in the US, neither work in a large company.)

I tried anyway, but, as expected, my request was denied.

Is there any workaround?

Hi @rghedin - welcome to the community :tada:

If you’ve unfortunately been denied by LinkedIn (and I’m really sorry to hear that), would another tool like Phantombuster work for your use case?

Fair point however on the documentation - I’ll flag this with the team to be revised.

Thanks, @EmeraldHerald!

I didn’t know PhantomBuster, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be helpful for my use case. I need to automate posting from a RSS feed in a company page.

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Hi @rghedin - Thanks again for the report on the API change. I just wanted to let you know that we have updated our documentation to reflect this.

We also have had a chat internally about potential workarounds, but as LinkedIn control their API and who can access it, the best solution at the moment would be to use a browser automation tool until you can get your business verified.

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