Linkedin Lemlist API

It would help if there was a node for: Lemlist Trigger Linkedin

My use case:

At the moment, we have a Lemlist Trigger Email which help us trigger is an email is sent, opened, replied, etc. The goal with this new trigger will be to have the same node but for Linkedin (Linkedin sent, linkedin replied) on Lemlist.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Etienne_Dubois

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To clarify, you want a trigger node for Linkedin?
You mention Lemlist because this API also has a trigger node?

For the moment, “Lemlist Trigger” only takes “email events” into consideration. The goal would be to take “Linkedin events” into consideration through the Lemlist Trigger

So, you want to connect the Lemlist trigger node with the LinkedIn API?
Sorry I do not understand.
If LinkedIn triggers(for example events) should be added this would be included in a new linkedin trigger node. It would be very bad for usability if single nodes would retrieve data from multiple applications.

Or are you talking about a LinkedIn trigger node which you would connect in your workflow to lemlist?

Hello, sorry if I’m not clear enough :slight_smile:
To give a bit more context, Lemlist is a prospecting tool to contact leads through ColdEmailing or Linkedin.
At the moment, the events listed on “Lemlist trigger” are all related to emails (emails opened, emails replied, emails clicked).
My goal would just be to add the equivalent on that same node for Linkedin Events (Linkedin sent, Linkedin replied, Linkedin opened).

ahhh, Lemlist has Linkedin events embeded.
I considered that possibility, but when I checked the site and it did not show any thing about Linkedin events or such.

thanks for the clarification.

Another question for you then.
Does Lemlist add extra functionality over Linkedin with regards to those events? Or would a Linkedin trigger node also work for you?
I ask this because a Linkedin Trigger node would apeal to more users I guess, which makes it more likely it will get the upvotes. Which will in turn increase the chance of the node being developed.