LinkedIn Node API Changes

Are you aware of the API updates on LinkedIn, will the affect the LinkedIn node?

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Good shout @RedPacketSec, thanks very much! It looks like we’re currently using their legacy path /v2. I’ll make sure to add this to the respective node overhaul ticket for the team.


Was this done? As the cut off date is very soon

Hey @RedPacketSec,

Not yet, I just checked the internal ticket and it looks like we were wanting to do this as part of the node overhaul but given that the deadline is next month we may need to rethink that.

I have popped a note on the ticket and I will keep an eye on it.

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thanks mate, otherwise i have to go into all my flows and swap them over to a HTTP node and roll my own API calls.

That sounds like a bit of a pain, I will keep an eye on the ticket and if we don’t do anything soonish I will get it sorted.

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