LinkedIn Organization Publishing stopped working with version 0.236.0

It was working perfectly with 0.234.0

Hey @Claudio_Balbino,

For me this is working without issue on 0.236.0

Are you able to try without an expression or try the test workflow below?

I suspect the issue has something to do with the text content you are sending.

Hey @Jon

Before creating this post I did a test with the procedure you suggested.

Today it simply went back to working exactly as it was, using expression

I’ll keep an eye out. Thank you for your attention once again

Hey @Claudio_Balbino,

I guess the good news there is if it is working now it might not be an n8n issue. I think it might have been the content you were sending though, Looking At what you are posting today could it be that emoji characters are not supported?

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I just did a test posting text with emoji and it went without a hitch.

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