Listmonk node (open source mailing list software)

it would be awesome to have a dedicated node for the Listmonk app.
Thank you

It would help if there was a node for:

My use case:

It’s an open source alternative to Mailchimp and other paid services.

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

Unfortunately no.

Hi @theRAGEhero , if u are still interest in creating listmonk n8n node, me too we could develop it together ?

Lucas Sovre

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Hello and thank you.

Unfortunately at the moment I don’t have any time to dedicate to this. Thank you for your offer!

I will work on that alone so, I will keep you updated here if my work succed


I am working on a first version, I think I will release a first version by this weekend !


You are super fast! I hope to be able to try it soon. Thank you.

I have almost finished the 1.0 ! I plane to release it tomorrow evening or two days later, I will keep you updated here.

:partying_face: :rocket: Here comes the first release ! :rocket: :partying_face:

I hope you will enjoy using it ! Do not hesitate to reach me out if you have any problems or you want to add a functionality.

@theRAGEhero @matenauta