Local File Trigger Dropbox

Hi there,

I want to create a local dropbox folder, which triggers a workflow. The workflow then processes the file(s) that were dropped in the folder and then returns back to listening for new drops. I’ve got the first bit working, but haven’t figured out yet how I can re-activate/start the Local File Trigger node again at the end of the process. I’m probably overlooking something, or am I asking something that’s not possible?

I am not sure if I understand you correctly. but it sounds like what you want is what n8n does by default. Once you activate a workflow will it keep on listening and start a new workflow execution for each new file until you deactivate the workflow (or you turn off n8n).

@jan thanks for letting me know. I did not realise this yet …

You can test and if it does not work, simply report back here.

Initially, the Local File Trigger node was the only node in my workflow. I added an Execute Command with the following command:

osascript -e 'display notification "file received" sound name "Submarine"'

This displays a notification of my Mac, which tells me that the trigger works.

I believe that being able to debug is often more important that being able to build something. Therefore, I always try to figure out ways to make debugging easier. Since I’m relatively new to n8n, I would appreciate any tips you can give me.

Thanks in advance!

In this case, you can activate in the workflow settings that also successful executions get saved. Then you can see in the Execution-List when the workflow did get executed.

then one final (I hope :wink: question; where can I find the Execution-List and/or where is the Save data stored?

NEVER MIND … I found it … it’s the Executions button in the left menu :slight_smile:

And last but not least; the more I get to learn your platform, the more I get to like it … keep up the good work!!!

Great to hear that you found everything and that you enjoy n8n!

Sadly are many things not self-explanatory but we are working hard on improving n8n.

Have fun!