Loggin impossible in selfhosted

Hello, I selfhosted my n8n, but when i try to loggin, it doesnt work, it keep it showing me the empty input for id and password, I dont know how fix it because is a pop up and i dont have reset password button. How can I do ? thanks

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Hi @Z_M, I am sorry to hear you are having trouble.

Which pop up are you seeing, does it contain any error message? How exactly are you running n8n (npm, docker, etc.)?

First thing I’d try would be the CLI command to reset user management:

This is assuming you’re the only user on your n8n instance of course. Also it’s probably worth taking a backup before resetting/changing stuff.

Hello, this is the pop-up that what I am talking about !
I make the installation with OpenMVBbox tool, i Think is with Docker
Capture d’écran 2023-01-23 à 14.58.28

I am the only user and I don’t have work done on it, so nothing to back up !
Another question, if i reset my ID and password, how can I do to put new ones after that ?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Ah, this looks like basic authentication rather than user management. The CLI command won’t help in this case I am afraid.

Assuming it’s n8n asking for username and password here you can, however, check the N8N_BASIC_AUTH_... environment variables on your n8n server. That would be the login data you’re looking for and these variables are also the ones you need to update if you want to change the login data.

If it’s not n8n you’d need to check how your web server is configured and what username/password it expects.

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I will check that ! thanks for your help !

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