"long polling" trigger node possible?

there is already a request to create an SQS node. if I were to try this - how do I realize a “long polling” node? SQS works by calling GET to an http endpoint, and the request just sits there and gets no data. the connection basically stays open the whole time.

can I just use npm install aws-sdk and use it?

There is a couple of Trigger nodes that use the Trigger function. Check the RabbitMQ Trigger and the Kafka Trigger.

About using the aws-sdk, I guess it depends. If you are planning on contributing to the project, then no. We tried to use as few dependencies as possible. On the other hand, if you want to add it just to your instance, then yes. By adding the dependency to /packages/nodes-base/package.json, you should be able to require/import the dependency within the Trigger.

Perhaps something simple than the AWS-SDK can do the trick. Check the package below.

@flypenguin I edited my previous answer.

Created community aws sqs trigger node
you can find it here