Looking to help others build n8n workflows

Hi Friends,

Over the past year, I’ve been building ever more sophisticated n8n workflows to manage GitHub issues, as well as cross-functional communication and status updates through Slack and Front, at the company I work for. I’m blown away by the power of the platform, automating everything I can, and have officially caught the n8n bug :nerd_face:.

I’d love to continue my learning journey, and eventually do some freelance work. But for now, I’d like to offer a few hours of my services for free to people who could use the help. Please send me an email at [email protected] and mention n8n in the subject line and share some details of your project to see if it’s something I could help with.

Here are some of my areas of expertise:

  • GitHub API (REST, GraphQL, Projects V2 etc)
  • Slack API
  • Front API
  • HubSpot API

Welcome to the community, @Alnoor_Pirani! Great idea, I’d love to hear what this led to.

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Thanks @bartv, will keep you posted. And please let me know if you have any suggestions on finding new projects to take on.

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Hey @Alnoor_Pirani, I am looking for someone to join my team on a contract basis at Datos Operations, with n8n being a big part of the job. I know you’re offering free hours but this would be a paid gig. DM me if interested!