Loop over a list of credentials using an expression

What I need

I have a list of credentials that each can access to a different database using the Odoo node. I’m using an expression to select them in the credentials section of the node.

These are the values passed in an expression for the credentials

The expression works, but even if there are X items in the list, the node only uses the first.

The result of the workflow execution. In my list, I had 2 items, but the node only used the first item.

The issue

I can’t manage to loop over those credentials. I tried using an HTTP request, but it just sends the first item of the list when passing them as an expression in credentials.


Please do not hesitate to ask for more details/screenshots if my request isn’t clear enough.

Linked topic(s)

Hi @Loan_J, this thread has an example on how to handle this situation:

Let me know if you run into any trouble with this approach!

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Trying that in a few, I’ll come back there if it still doesn’t suit my needs.

After trying a solution based on the topic you’ve linked, it still doesn’t seem to work as intended.

Bumping the question.

Hey @Loan_J, I just tried re-running the example workflow provide earlier in the thread and it still seems to work as expected for me. Can you confirm which error exactly you are seeing?

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Hey, actually, I just tried again with the same way and it seemed to work.
Thank you!

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