Low Code vs. Coding comparison

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I am using N8N now successfully for a company internal complex workflow. The next step in our department is to present my findings of using the tool and its efficency for other departments.

The content will be the comparison of an application as N8N workflow setup compared to a coded project using Node.

The question is: has anyone done that already or is there an official Node project to N8N workflow setup comparissons that can be reused?

Topics of the presentation will be:

  • compare javascript project to N8N workflow setup
  • development environement setup and PROD environement setup comparison
  • little to no possibility to create Unit Test or automatic Integration Tests of N8N workflows compared to a node application

Hi @rafi, we have an article at over on our blog that dives into building backend logic in general vs. doing so via n8n: How to build an API with n8n: a comprehensive tutorial – n8n Blog

It’s not exactly what you have in mind, but perhaps it provides some starting points for your own presentation :slight_smile:


Great article.

The one thing missing is, how scalable that is.

Let’s say we have the example mentioned in the article, with 2 webhook nodes and 1 set node to return some string.

How many concurrent GET actions can this handle? How to scale this basic API? How much concurrency can n8n handle if let’s say 10k users hit that endpoint?

Thank you.

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