Lowcode Platform for Webapps

Hi, a question not direct to n8n. Does anyone a lowcode platform for webapps that can handle restapi ?
I have a lot of stuff build with n8n and want to have a frontend to ask the data from n8n.


Hey @Stefan,

One of the personal projects that I have on my to do list is a web back end for n8n that will essentially take the output from my n8n project and build a website around it. The tool that I was planning on looking at was Caddy. It seems to check all the right boxes:

  • Open source
  • Secure
  • Config API
  • No Dependencies
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Tephlon, usualy i would build the forms in php. But the frontends looks not so well. What do you use in this case or in your projects ?

Hey @Stefan,

Sorry, I think I misunderstood the question. If you are looking for a front end for data entry and configuration, something along the lines of this:

If that is the case, I would recommend that you take a look at Strapi. I have used it in the past to create the front end interface for a number of different purposes. Web apps, new UI for old applications, data entry, websites…these are all possible with Strapi.

Essentially, you could use Strapi to build the “behind the scenes” interface, point n8n at the data store which you have created to support Strapi, and then n8n would build out and push data/information to the php web server.

Also, take a look at @smamudhan’s excellent article:

They specifically talk about using Strapi along with n8n.

I hope that points you in the rights direction!

Great, this looks nice. I have found some platforms like UI Bakery or Bubble.io can do the same. I test your suggestion !



Strapi got created.

Strapi node got released with [email protected]

Great, ill try it.