Mac App - Update


just wondering, if there will be an update to the desktop apps on MAC/WIN with all these new features, which have been released in last weeks?

In private I´m hosting n8n myself, at work it comes really handy as a Swiss Army knife.

Hi @Kool_Baudrillard, this is will happen at some point, though I don’t know when exactly the next version of the desktop app will be built. Maybe @ivov has an ETA already?

Releasing next week.

Edit Sep 8: Desktop release has been deferred again. Will post here once released.

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Any updates on this?

We were chatting this week about a new desktop release either this week or next, The actual release though will depend on if we find any issues during testing.

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1.7.0 is available: Get started with n8n


Thx, installed it, starts but no editor appears. macOS latest.

looks like it stuck in here

› Error: There was an error: EACCES: permission denied, open
› ‘/Users/Koolkill01/.cache/n8n/public/index.html’

Cannot reproduce. Possibly related to this:

@netroy Are you able to take a look?

Definitely related to the change @ivov linked.

@Kool_Baudrillard The .cache folder in a user’s home directory is expected to be owned by the user. If that’s not the case, can you run sudo chown -R Koolkill01 /Users/Koolkill01/.cache/ in a terminal to see if that fixes the issue for you?



seems this happened due to running n8n via nodejs on the Mac instead of the app.

I adjusted the permissions yesterday and it fixed the issue. Was a little bit too occupied to write in here.

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btw, @ivov @netroy, great release and awesome work!