Mailchimp GET Campaign not retrieving any data

Hi guys,

I’m trying to obtain some data regarding a campaign on Mailchimp.
First I run the mailchimp node as below:

This correctly outputs the campaigns I have in my account. Then I take one of the IDs from this output and run the node as below:

The node runs without errors, but there is no output data.

This is the only node (besides start node) on this workflow.

From what I read on the mailchimp API documentation this should not be the case, as this api call returns a lot of different data.

Any clues on what could be going on?

running version 0.184.0 on a Digital Ocean Server

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Hey @Daniel_Barra,

I have just taken a look and it appears to be working for me.

Could you try updating your n8n install to see if that resolves the issue.

Hey Jon!

Updated and it worked like a Charm.

Thanks for the help.

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