Mailchimp Integration [GOT CREATED]

@tcurdt what use case are you interested in?

  • a trigger when someone (un)subscribes (but I think that should already be possible with just the webhook trigger)
  • adding people to mailing lists (as in import them)
  • sending to a list/campaign

…that’s it from the top of my head. But I haven’t checked what all is possible with the API. I guess Zapier list ist a good indicator.

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@tcurdt perfect, added to my TODO list.

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I see this integration already implemented, but only supports creating contacts. Is updating contacts (for adding tags for example) in the plans to be implemented?


Hey @orlando. Welcome to the community. Just added to my list. Thanks for letting us know.

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Ok @orlando just finished this. We will let you know here when is released.


Awesome, thanks!

I’ll test it once it’s up

Sorry forgot to update. Got released with 0.66.0 but is obviously also in the latest version [email protected]