Mailhook Solution Solution (aside from IMAP node)

I am looking for a scalable mailhook solution.

Has anyone got any suggestions please, aside from using the IMAP node which will work but will necessitate the creation of multiple IMAP mailboxes impacting mail hosting costs etc?

I’m coming from Integromat, where this is baked in, and has been quick, easy and useful to me. does look like a possible solution, but I don’t find it at all user-friendly and I’m struggling to make forwarding a mail attachment work - its low-level nature is a bit daunting and above my paygrade.

Hey @Brett,

This actually sounds like a good feature request although potentially a bit tricky to set up, If you want to i can change this to a feature request?

To answer your actual question though I am not sure of anything but in theory if you have something that can take the email and push it to a webhook it should work nicely.

Hey @Jon - thanks for your comment.

It seems there are a number of possible third party apps…

Monthly subscriptions are from USD25 per month.
(Webhook site is the best value at USD16).

Though they are typically useful for more complicated use cases where mail scaping is required.

With a little trial and error and help from the support team, I have made this work (in a manner of speaking).

And perhaps somewhere down the road HookDeck ( will get the ability to consume emails too - that is my favourite webhook platform.

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