Make a nice document from Googlespreadsheets

Good afternoon. Tell me, has anything encountered such a task? The task is this - I need to read data from a table and add them to a Google Doc file. I can add table rows, but how to write the necessary values in them from GoogleSpreadsheets? Tried to Segment Index, but it keeps changing and where the text is inserted - is impossible to predict.
Maybe someone has solved this problem in a more elegant way? Or there is another way to make a nice document from table data, I just don’t know about it…

Thank you.
Regards, Aleksandr.

I add stuff to google sheets and then link the table to google docs.

I wish there was a better way, but there is not one I have found yet, some people have suggested using airtable but it did not work for me as I needed it to.

Thank you. But I need to get a separate file, unrelated to anything.

i dont get what you mean?

I need to use the data in Googlespreadsheets to fill in the template as a document. So that it can be stored separately, sent to someone, etc.

yeah you can still do that

That’s the question - how?