Make NocoDB realtime


NocoDB itself has no realtime data streaming. But is it possible to get this working with n8n? I think about a webhook in NocoDB when creating a new row which points to n8n webhook. But how can we get the data from there to the app or site where it should be rendered? Is there something like a SSE on which the app/site can listen?

Hope you understand what I´m trying to achive.

Hi @saschavalentin :wave:

I’m not so sure I’m understanding what you’re looking for - can you provide a general example? Also, are you looking to send data to n8n from nocodb, or from n8n to nocodb?

Hi @EmeraldHerald,

basically said, I want to show data from nocodb on a website/app but in real-time - so that it pushed from nocodb to the site when it is created.

I’ve hoped there would that would be a way in n8n to consume the data from the nocodb webhook and post it to the site/app.

Hi @saschavalentin - sorry for the delay here, I was out for a few days :see_no_evil:

You can make this work, I believe - you would however either need to refresh the web page or set up some manual refreshes or polling on your site/app.

Take a peek at this blog post - it describes an example concept with Google sheets, but it covers your use-case otherwise. :slight_smile: You can use it as a building block for your own workflow.

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