Make two Notion nodes run in parallel

Hi guys :raising_hand_man:

Do you know why there can only be one branch of Notion nodes running at the same time ?

I want to maintain a database of the Notion users of my workspace with their email address and their Notion ID.

I have a workflow that relies on two Notion nodes :
1 - getall : user to retrieve all the IDs
2 - getall : databasePage where I get the new users to add to the main database with their email address

Ideally I would like to create a new database item including the ID of the first node and the email address of the second node. But as soon as I run a node, n8n forget the output of the other node.

Do you know how I can overcome this limitation ?

Many thanks for your help :pray:

Hey @Benjamin_Chevalier,

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It sounds like what you might want is the merge node that will let you merge the items from 2 nodes and work with the output as needed, Something like the below might be what you are after.


Many thanks Jon, this is clever and it could do the trick. :muscle:
I will try it and keep you updated !

Have a great day !

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The “merge” node works well for my use case.

I struggled at some point but I found the answer here :

Thank you again @Jon :pray::pray::pray: !

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