Maths calculation

Hello all,

I would like to perform simple calculation on my data.
I have an object with a, b,c and I would like to set d key = a+b, e key = a*c
I do not want to use functions I would use core node. is it possible ?
I wrote the formula a * b but the result is a string 5 * 3

Hi @Alexandre_Husset, n8n does not have built-in functionality for that, but this should still be fairly simple. Something like a * c should work fine, check out this example workflow:

The calculations are working as expected:

Perhaps you can share your own workflow and confirm the n8n version you are currently using so we can have a closer look at what went wrong for you? It might be something simple like a wrong data type (as in numbers represented as a string), but we should be able to fix that.

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