Mattermost Integration [GOT CREATED]

An integration for Mattermost should be added:

btw. milekz did already start with the integration:

Had to start with an own integration in a new branch. It can be found here:

Will try to improve it soon and then release it with a new version.

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The lastest version of [email protected] includes now the Mattermost integration.

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Hi nice work guys can you improve mattermost with twilio
integration please

Can you please explain what you mean. Or what you want to do exactly but are currently unable to?

Hello from Canada thank you for answering me so quickly
I would like to receive and perform some action between twilio and mattermost but I can not do it a little frustrating.
I think it would be interesting to do it I like n8n and I would like to continue using it.
Is there a person who would like to help me please to make it possible.
I made a list I know it’s not Christmas yet but it would be great if it was feasible.
thank you

Watch calls
Triggers when a new call is initiated.

Watch messages (SMS or MMS)
Triggers when a new SMS/MMS message is available.

Watch recordings
Triggers when a call is recorded.


Call a phone number
Calls a selected phone number and executes specified instructions.

Deactivate a User Account
Deactivates the user by archiving its user object.

Delete a Post
Deletes a post.

Get Channel Statistics
Gets statistics for a channel.


Retrieve media
Processes media one at a time.


Working on a node. When I finish it will look into that.


@CAMTL The Mattermost requested features are done. Working on the Twilio ones now. You will be notified here when they are released so that you can use them.


Amazing, thanks a lot @RicardoE105!

@CAMTL looks like christmas comes early this year!


@CAMTL need you help here. I’m looking into the Twilio - Retrieve media but it seems there are 3 different resources that have media as you can see in the picture bellow:

Regarding the triggers (webhooks) can you explain your use case a little bit more? like what you want to do once you receive those events? For example: Sending a message to Mattermost? Asking this cuz looks like you can reply to this events.

Wow so quick thank you

:smiley: your right ! but I must admit that I was wise this year :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello It has to be for conversations in the picture above it’s the most common.

’‘what you want to do once you receive those events?’'

Its for Sending a message to Mattermost.

’‘Asking this cuz looks like you can reply to this events.’'

Would be verry nice if we can reply too
when we get the message with or with out medias from ‘‘Mattermost’’

**’‘Can you explain your use case a little bit more?’’ **

Sure I need to be able to communicate by

When I receive a media message could be a photo or video from a Conversation . I would like to be able to see it in ‘Mattermost’ with the media.

Exemple someone leave a voicemail message i want to send the medias (voicemail) to mattermost with the number of the sender - date- media

If a call is recorded i want to retrieve the medias and send it to Mattermost.
numberofsender - date- media

I want to get a message to mattermost everytime someone call all information from the caller.

@CAMTL According to Twilio the conversation API is still on beta and might change as you can see in the picture below. Not sure if it’s a good idea to implement that right now since we would have to rewrite when the final API is done. What do you think @jan?

@CAMTL Please confirm that the get media resource you want is the one that belongs to the conversation API Media Resource | Twilio

@RicardoE105 Yes I confirm it is the right choice choice Media Resource | Twilio