Mattermost node : I would like to use mattermost-incoming-webhooks

I think posting a message in mattermost is the most frequent usage of this node.
In addition, many users can only access to Integrations > Incoming-webhooks in our Mattermost environment, no access to the API settings.
Mattermost-incoming-webhooks are very simple to use to post a message, without any user’s personnal token. The generated token contains both channel+access informations to post a message
So, is there a way to use the Mattermost node with just an url, this token and the message to post ?

Sadly that is sadly not possible right now with the Mattermost-Node. I am also not sure how support for that could be integrated in a “nice-way”.
Anyway, what you can do is to use the HTTP Request-Node. With it, it should be very simple to do that.

Thanks jan, of course I thought about it, it’s just a bit of pity not to benefit from the Mattermost icon to clarify WFs in the UI and not to have integrated this functionality natively in the node, so I am thinking of making our own Mattermost node just for that.