Meet Our New Senior Community Manager!

Hey all! I’m Nikki, your new Senior Community Manager here at n8n. :wave:

I’m here to give the community a little TLC and make the community experience more enjoyable. :partying_face:

Right now, I’m diving deep into assessing our community platforms. But you can expect some cool improvements coming your way soon.

I’m particularly excited about the beta testing of the upcoming LangChain node. It’s a game-changer for AI enthusiasts! :brain:

That’s why I’ve set up a special channel in our Discord server just for you!. The #⁠ai-langchain channel. Share your feedback, workflows, and thoughts on this incredible new feature we’re developing. Let’s test its limits together!

If you haven’t already joined our Discord server, I highly recommend that you do as I’ve got some exciting things planned that you don’t want to miss. You can join here

:art: Are you a content creator? : We want your genius on board! If you’re into creating low-code, automation and AI content or know someone who is, send me a DM. Let’s brainstorm and collaborate.

Here’s to an exciting n8n journey ahead! :champagne: Let’s create, collaborate and automate like never before! :muscle:


Welcome to the team @Nikki ! Supper excited to have you with us and I am sure you will give this amazing community the attention and support it deserves to make it even stronger and bigger!

Congrats @Nikki , happy to meet you!

Are you focusing on content creators that produce in English only or are other languages accepted as well?

All languages are welcome, though coordinating with them would be easier in English. :slight_smile:

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Great. So communication in English and content production in other languages would be ok?

Yes, that would be super!

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Very nice to meet you @Nikki, I’m planning some content around ERP integrations and would be great to get your feedback and insights.

Of course, that would be great to take a look at. Feel free to DM me here or on Discord