Meilisearch - async process handling

I want to trigger meilisearch update

Steps :
1- connect to the client
2- update documents with the json

I am cannot figure out why ti doesnot trigger any thing on meilisearch server ?
Is it because it is async process ?

How to deal with this kind of process ?
How to capture error ? I know if there is an error checking this end point periodically where 102 is return by the async function below.

If there is an error key inside it I want to trigger some actions.

const { MeiliSearch } = require('meilisearch')

const client = new MeiliSearch({ host: 'http://localhost:7700' })
  .then((res) => console.log(res))

Hey @Thomas_Pedot,

Can you fill out the template so we can have more information like the version of n8n you are using? Are you also writing your own node or using the function / Code node? Looking at the doc you linked to it looks like there is a rest API so it might be easier to use the HTTP Request node for it.

in fact I have done it with the REST API, like you said.


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