Memory limit - Google spreadsheet

Hello, we’re having a memory issue with this flow. - Workflow Automation.
On the first and top part of the flow we sync spreadsheet and compare data set . The second and lower part of the flow we need to fetch some data from api.
When the top part of the the spreadsheet flow run first it takes a lot of memory to compare the Google Sheets. So when the lower part of flow runs afterwards and fetchs the data from the API, the memory is saturated because the data from the google sheet comparison is still in the pipe of the memory. Could you tell us what the memory limit is?

is there a workaround?
What do you suggest we do?
Thanks in advance,

Workflow: - Workflow Automation

The limit is dependent on how much memory you give it. It will simply take as much as it needs and is then limited by how much it can get. So if you have it running on a machine with 512 MB that will be the limit, if it is running on a 4 GB one then that. How many entries it can process exactly depends on the size of each entry, the nodes used, how many nodes, and so on. So sadly would not be simple to answer. Sorry.

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