Merge Append issue when input 1 is empty

I have an issue where the merge node returns no data if the input from Input 1 is empty. My understanding is it should still show the data from input 2?

If that is not the case, how does one then handle merges when input 1 may or may not contain data?

Hey @Robm, the Merge node would not run if it doesn’t receive an item on input 1 I am afraid. As a simple workaround, you could enable the Always Output Data option on the previous node (which would mean an empty item is sent to the Merge node):


You could then place an IF node after your Merge node to keep only the items you’re interested in (and thus filter out the empty item).

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Thanks, gave it a go, but not working.

The previous node is an IF node and the false leg pushes to the merge node in question.

I have turned on always output data which does create an empty json item.

But the empty is not passed to the MERGE node so I am left with the same issue?

I think this fix would work?

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