Merge data from the same inbound webhook but at different times


I have 1 webhook where data is coming in.

In the first call the data has Product Name and Code

In the 2nd call the Product and Price.

How can I get the data from the first call and then merge the data with the 2nd call.



Each webhook call will start a new workflow execution, so the data will never be in the same execution. What you would have to do to make it work is to save the data of the first webhook call temporary somewhere like a database and then request it from there once the second call has been made.

Vielen Dank Jan,

I guess like a google spreadsheet :wink: which is what I am currently doing, but I thought maybe there was a way to temp store the previous webhook call. Could one pull the data from the saved execution log possibly?

As for requesting the data from the spreadsheet when the second call is made, I assume I should use the merge node to then match the data by an added variable I include int he SET node? Or what is the best or cleanest way to match the data together?

thanks for you help and for this incredible platform. I am not a programmer but know enough to be dangerous :wink: , but with n8n - the sky is the limit! REALLY WELL DONE!

Yes Google Spreadsheet sounds good :wink:

Temp-storing is possible with static-data:

But that will only work if you can be 100% sure that the first workflow execution finished before the second one starts as the data gets only written after the execution is finished.

The easiest way of matching the data is for sure the Merge-Node. If there is really just one entry in the Sheet there would not even be a variable for matching needed as you could just merge be index. Meaning it would take the first item of each of the inputs. As each input would just have one that would already be it.

Really great to hear that you enjoy n8n! It is people like you we are building it for. Our defined mission is “To give everyone who uses a computer technical superpowers”. Sounds like we are heading in the right direction. Sadly still a long way to go till we are as simple and easy to use as we want to be. But we will get there.