Merge - Does not include NULL-values

I am using the Merge-node and it works great. There is one issue however in ‘Merge by Key’ mode that I think does not work as intended.

I understand the Merge by Key mode as a method that should show data of both Input 1 and Input 2, and merge them when they have the same key.
However… when the field defined as the ‘Key’ in one of these tables is NULL, the record is unexpectedly not included.

For example

Input 1 has a few records that do not have an ExactVatCode, therefore, after the merge, the records have disappeared. I think they should be included, but just not joined with Output 2. To mitigate this, I have included a blank space " " as the ExactVatCode in these records and then they are unmatched but included in the data. I think this is a problem and the record should be included in the data regardless of whether the value in the key field is empty. or not

Hi @laurens-novyx, thank you very much for sharing your ideas on handling null values in the merge node and especially for delivering the workaround. Tbf, I am not entirely sure whether this is intended or not (seeing as null usually indicates a lack of value rather than an empty value).

Maybe @sirdavidoff can chip in on this?