Merge node: Can it accept more than 2 inputs?

hi REgarding Merge Node, is there a way to accept data from “multiple nodes” (and not just two) to merge the data into single?

For instance, if there is data from 4 devices, wanted to “simply” merge them before feeding into next node. Currently I’m creating multiple merging nodes and then again creating merging nodes to merge etc.
Is there a simpler way to merge multiple datasets?

Hi @getk, at the moment there is only the Merge node with 2 inputs available (but you might want to create a feature request for a merge node with more inputs).

You can however nest multiple Merge nodes if needed. So if you need to merge four streams, you can use one Merge node for branch 1 & 2 and a separate one for 3 & 4. Then use a final Merge node for the two merged branches.

thanks for that. So can I create Feature request in this community or in github?

Thank you! The community would be the preferred way. This will allow other users to vote on this feature and help the team greatly with prioritizing their work. Just pick Feature Request in the category dropdown when raising :slight_smile: