Merging subsequent items into 1st item

Hello, I have a list of items in the array. In this example, I am having 3 items. ( it might be more than 3 in some case )

may i know if there is anyway i can merge the item 2 and subsequent items into item 1 to become a single array?

Hi @Benjamin123

Not sure what your workflow looks like. Would something like this work for you:

Keep in mind this is the latest version where the merge node was modified, that’s why it can look a bit different.

I see it does not work right So an image:

Hello @BramKn thank you for your advice, maybe i would explain a bit clearer on my intention in the workflow.

I have a seatable node that return me an array with 3 or more url .

i would like to create a separete array for each url as shown in my photo below.

May i know if there is any method of creating it?

Hi @Benjamin123

That is not an array you are talking about. :slight_smile:
Could you give me the data so I can give you an example of how to do it?
of course you can remove parts of the data which shouldnt be public.

@BramKn may i know how should i give you the data?
share the workflow example here?

you can simply copy the json data you are retrieving like in the first screenshot. And paste that here.
Best in a preformatted text block.

I ask this simply because it is a lot easier to create an example if I have some sample data. Instead of me having to create that first. :slight_smile:

@BramKn below is output from my 1st node.

"_id": "f9BiHlpmQkqjNfqgufo8-A",
"_mtime": "2022-09-17T15:56:14.759+00:00",
"_ctime": "2022-09-17T15:56:14.759+00:00",
"Description of Damage Item": "aircon damaged(copy)(copy)(copy)(copy)(copy)(copy)",
"Task No": "0017",
"Location": "level 7",
"Information Provide By": [
"Submit Time": "2022-09-17T15:56:14.759+00:00",
"Submit Date": "17/09/2022",
"New_Task Report By": "Aung Zin Oo",
"Form Submit By": "[email protected]",
"Form Submitter Name": "Kyaw Htoo Lin",
"Upload Task Photo": [
"Task ID": "0017 - aircon damaged(copy)(copy)(copy)(copy)(copy)(copy)"
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second node is the one you need.

thanks a lot, it works…

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