Metabase Node?

Metabase is pretty awesome, and selfhosted/opensource to boot.

I’ve been integrating with their api using the http request node, but it sure would nice if there were a native node.

My workflow has been POSTing their api/card/1/query/csv endpoint to run a query that returns csv. I then spit that out in a form that microsoft excel can use as a refreshable web datasource.

Excel can’t easily POST (instead it GETs) Metabase needs a POST to initiate a fresh query. And I don’t trust Excel to get and manage api keys etc. I do trust n8n though to handle all that.
Once wired up, we give that Excel file to our client’s so they can get updated data on demand.

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This would have my vote :+1:

Hey @davidbamboo!

I have changed this to Feature Request so that other people can upvote!

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