Microsoft Dynamics [GOT CREATED]

Hi all,

I’ve done a bit of searching around but couldn’t find any immediate answers so thought I’d ask. Has anyone created any workflows utilising microsoft dynamics at all?


Hey @notScottSmith, welcome to the community! I hope you find your time here useful!

(Coincidentally, I’m not Scot Smith either! What are the odds! :rofl:)

Microsoft Dynamics is a real double edged sword. On the one hand, I’d love to have this integrated as the potential to make a lot of people’s lives easier is massive.

On the other hand, it would be a massive beast to get fully integrated! (See the web API documentation to get a sense of the task at hand) I think it is one of those services which we would have to vote on which parts of the API to integrate in what order!

Anyone feel like assembling a team?

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@Tephlon @notScottSmith anyone working on this? I’m interested in building this…

Welcome to the community @dipakparmar

This node is in the pipeline. Sadly we have not been able to move forward because we do not have credentials. If you have access to a sandbox account, we can both create the node.

Thanks, @RicardoE105

I do have a Sandbox Account, though it’s from the company that I work for not sure I’ll be able to share that.

Up for collaboration to make this node development happen.

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Hey @dipakparmar,

Thanks for offering the help. We will reach out to you :slight_smile:

While the node is under development, did you try connecting the API using the HTTP Request node?

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I’m working on this. I’m gonna work in a couple of resource and then @dipakparmar can take from there.


No. wanted to keep it simple and clean … also, so far I was CSV import/export in dynamics which is almost the same but much handy. I think once I have the node, it will be much more handy and automated.

Sure! I’m working on it here: Commits · dipakparmar/n8n · GitHub

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Are you still working on this? I am interested in it too. If I can, I will help you.


@RicardoE105 is working on the initial part. Once he shares something we can contribute, I’ll wait for a few more weeks and then push a commit if I don’t hear from him.

Sadly, tasks with higher priority got in the way but I have not forgotten about it. Let me see if I can move it up a bit so that I can have something you can work on in two weeks.

@msahinciftci @dipakparmar @notScottSmith

I finally got it working. However, only implemented the account resource. You can extend it from there. We will do an internal review and then release it. Hopefully, it will be available in the next release.


Got released with [email protected]

Were you able to work upon the Microsoft Dynamics base we released?