Microsoft Outlook - Error 400 / Bad request parameter

Hello, I’m struggling with the Outlook node.
I want to move the email from my inbox to a CRM_archive folder.
The logic is the following:

  1. Get messages from the inbox folder
  2. Check if the mail has been transferred in the CRM (I have this info stored in airtable)
  3. Merge - keep matches (select only email that has been stored in the CRM)
  4. Move emails to the appropriate folder

But I’m getting this error message:

I assume it’s from the folder ID, I’ve tried fixed and as an expression, but results in a failure

Here is the WF:

Any idea ?
Thanks !

Hey @fischera,

It is hard to tell looking at the screenshot but is the email and folder id the same? If you just have a Get then a Move does that work just to remove any extra possible issues from the workflow?

Hey @Jon
No, they are not the same.
Exact, I’ve tried and this is working

How can I best integrate that with the rest of the WF?

Hey @fischera,

I guess it will be a case of checking the output of each node to see if any of them are doing anything silly or replacing a value with something else. It could be that it is just one item that is missing something, As a test maybe pop an if node before the Outlook node and only move forward if email_id and folder_id is not empty.

Hey @Jon - I’ve rechecked the thing and think it is due to the data format.
It appears that the parameter message ID is only working as a fixed parameter.

Now, I have an array of 94 JSON objects, and I need to extract a list of the values to put them as a fixed parameter.
How can I do that?

Hey @fischera,

To do what you want to do you would need to use an expression which that field should support, I will set up an outlook account later today and give it a test.

wow amazing, looking forward to your instructions !

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