Microsoft Sql connect to remove Server problem

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Hi, I try use microsoft sql in n8n but always keep error not connect. If I try with sql server management studio or dBeaver it’s works. The connection is to a remote server.
Mapping fields
dBeaver → n8n → example

host → Server → 12.658.625.24\ABCDE
Port → Port → 5210
Database → Database → BVTPO
Username → User → AAAAAA
Password → Password → CCCCCC

Domain is empty , not corresponding any field in dBeaver.
TDS Version 7_4
TLS enabled/disabled not working

these data are merely informative

Information on your n8n setup

  • **n8n version: 0.222.2
  • **n8n EXECUTIONS_PROCESS setting (default: own, main):own
  • **Running n8n via (Docker, npm, n8n cloud, desktop app): npx n8n
  • **Operating system: windows wsl

@simon.lewis. you had a similar problem not long ago, right?

Hey @jmta,

Welcome to the community :cake:

Can you share the error message you get when trying to use the node?

The only error is:
Failed to connect to 12.658.625.24\ABCDE,5210 in 15000ms


Hey @jmta,

When you did your test with SSMS and dbeaver was that also from WSL? The error back is a fairly standard network timeout so it could be that something odd is happening with the network routing from WSL. If you put in a wrong port or a wrong server do you get a different error?

When you did your test with SSMS and dbeaver was that also from WSL?

If you put in a wrong port or a wrong server do you get a different error?
Same Error

var Connection = require('tedious').Connection;  
 var Request = require('tedious').Request;  
    var TYPES = require('tedious').TYPES;  
    var config = {  
        server: '12.658.625.24',  //update me
		instanceName: 'ABCDE',
        authentication: {
            type: 'default',
            options: {
                userName: 'AAAAAA', //update me
                password: 'CCCCCC'  //update me
        options: {
            // If you are on Microsoft Azure, you need encryption:
            "encrypt": false,
			port: 5210,
            database: 'BVTPO'  //update me
    var connection = new Connection(config);  
    connection.on('connect', function(err) {  
        // If no error, then good to proceed.
		if(err) {
    console.log('Error: ', err)
  } else {
 function executeStatement() {  
        var request = new Request("SELECT  * FROM  ABCD;", function(err) {  
        if (err) {  
        var result = "";  
        request.on('row', function(columns) {  
            columns.forEach(function(column) {  
              if (column.value === null) {  
              } else {  
                result+= column.value + " ";  
            result ="";  
        request.on('done', function(rowCount, more) {  
        console.log(rowCount + ' rows returned');  
        // Close the connection after the final event emitted by the request, after the callback passes
        request.on("requestCompleted", function (rowCount, more) {

this example run directly on nodeJs works.

But If I remove instanceName and change “server” to 12.658.625.24\ABCDE or 12.658.625.24\ABCDE does not work.

n8n does not allow to send the separate instance of “server”?

Hey @jmta,

That is interesting, I wasn’t sure if SSMS or dbeaver would work from WSL as the last time I used it you could use it for terminal apps but not guis.

We use node-mssql rather than tedius so there could be something there but one thing I have noticed is you are setting an instance name there which we don’t set a property for so it could be that named instances are the issue.

In the node credential can you set the server to 12.658.625.24\\ABCDE and see if that works… just noticed your edit and it looks like you noticed the same thing.

sorry what i wanted to say is running on the same machine and the example above was run on the same wsl i am working with n8n.

I used an example in node-mssql that I show below, and it worked, then I tried to run it again on n8n and it did change “Server” to 12.658.625.24 only.

const sql = require('mssql');
const sqlConfig = {
  user: 'AAAAAA',
  password: 'CCCCC',
  database: 'BVTPO',
  server: '12.658.625.24',
      instanceName: 'ABCDE',
  pool: {
    max: 10,
    min: 0,
    idleTimeoutMillis: 30000
  options: {
          port: 5210,
    encrypt: true, // for azure
    trustServerCertificate: true // change to true for local dev / self-signed certs

(async () => {
 try {
  // make sure that any items are correctly URL encoded in the connection string
  await sql.connect(sqlConfig);
  const result = await sql.query`select * from tableinsql`
 } catch (err) {
         // ... error checks

sql.on('error', err => {
        // ... error handler

I think this is a limitation of n8n, it should have a field for the instanceName in the UI. Use 12.658.625.24\ABCDE not working , instanceName should be separated.

who has this problem try running the example above and when it works run n8n. It’s work

Hey @jmta,

Did you try 2 \ with the instance? Having a field for the instance makes sense to me and it will be a fairly quick add but I want to make sure that it works with \\ as the package docs suggest.

yes, in nodeJS code but not working in n8n field “server” maybe because character is “\” . Please don’t forget that the instance can be empty. thanks

Hey @jmta,

When you ran your test code was that also from WSL? I can see the same error reported by the package here: WSL: Running into connection timeout · Issue #1411 · tediousjs/node-mssql · GitHub

yes in wsl, but the error is different than indicated. In my case it was related to the instanceName. My Mssql is remote not local.

Hey @jmta,

The issue linked is about remote as well and has an error of ConnectionError: Failed to connect to remoteUrl\namedInstance in 20000ms the error from your post was Failed to connect to 12.658.625.24\ABCDE,5210 in 15000ms

The package itself should support using server\\instance, I can look at adding the instance name option to our node but I am not sure when that would be or if it would actually solve the issue given that it should be currently working.

it’s the only thing different in relation to what gives error

Hey @jmta,

It may be different but the package document it as a supported option and I know that WSL can sometimes be a bit odd when making network some network connections, That is what surprised me about the code working when ran from inside WSL.

I will see if I can find some time to make this change and get it tested but I am not sure on what the timelines would be for that.

Hi @jmta - true, I did, but was a connectivity issue on our side in the end. Instance named was not needed and connection is working fine, despite the fact that the instance is SQL Express.
In the n8n SQL credentials, I left domain blank, specified the IP address of the server (not the server name) and the unique port this particular server was using (65113) and all worked once my Ops guys had sorted the firewall issue !
Looks like there is a workaround for you in this case …

Thanks for feedback. In my case is instanceName not working directly, similar to one of your mistakes

In my case it works, that’s how I found out that it couldn’t be from the firewall

Perfect, I can work from that after doing some tests locally.