Microsoft SQL node (insert) fails, but returns success

The Microsoft SQL (Insert) node fails because the DB is down, but it returns success. Is this a BUG? Or do I need to do some different configuration on the node?

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 1.38.2
  • Database (default: SQLite): SQLite
  • n8n EXECUTIONS_PROCESS setting (default: own, main):
  • Running n8n via (Docker, npm, n8n cloud, desktop app): npm self-host
  • Operating system: Windows Server 2019

Hello @Robson

I think that node currently does not support the error ouput. That feature has been implemented quite recently and not every node support it.

@Jon maybe you should consider to disable that feature by default for services, that haven’t tested against it? Or add a warning message that it might not work

Hello @barn4k ,

Thank you so much for your reply!

Is there any way to know that my INSERT has failed?

Because in these cases I want to generate a JSON file for further processing, when the DB comes back.

yes, you can use the option On Error -> Continue and develop a logic to work with errors

Yes, I’ve tried this and failed.

How can I check Microsoft SQL node error on next node?
Can you please give me any tutorials or examples?

I do not have an SQL, but the logic will be the same

Hi @barn4k

It still doesn’t work, even if we follow your suggestion.

Could it be that it’s a SQL node BUG, which can’t pass the json.error forward?

In this example with error in SQL node the database is down. But I did another scenario where the table name is wrong and the SQL node doesn’t generate an error and executes successfully, i.e. it doesn’t detect that the table doesn’t exist.

Well, that’s strange. Maybe @Jon can advice something

Hi @Jon

Can you help me? Please…


Robson Liima