Microsoft Teams Node is Slow to Get Messages

I’m using the Microsoft Teams node to fetch both chat and channel messages. In both instances - it takes about 4 seconds+ to get the messages. When I use the http request node to pull them, it takes less than half a second. This is introducing a good amount of delay into a workflow that runs every 5-7 seconds.

Hey @Hidden_Squid,

How many messages it is fetching? The node itself just makes an API request like the http request node would so it could be that the node is fetching more items.

Currently 20 for each of them, I would use the regular http call but the data comes in formatted differently so I would need to make significant changes to the rest of the workflow. But yeah each are set to 20 - honestly even if I set the Microsoft Teams node to only fetch a couple messages it still takes a good bit longer.

It looks like for channel messages we just call /beta/teams/${teamId}/channels/${channelId}/messages and return the value it doesn’t look like we are doing anything fancy :thinking:

How long is it actually taking when the workflow is scheduled to run as I would expect it to be slower in the UI, Having the exact times for both versions would be handy.

yep - so here’s a screenshot of a simple workflow executions running automatically - all the workflow does is every 5 seconds grab the last 20 messages from a channel:

With the teams node (usually 3.2-3.5 seconds):

With the http request node (usually .13 -.2 seconds):

That is very unusual, I will free up som etime to dig into it.

Thanks so much, really appreciate it!

As an update - I’m not sure if any has changed but the node is working much faster now - seems to be more in line with ht http request node. Was acting slow since last year but now seems to be good

Hey @Hidden_Squid,

There have been no changes to the node for a while which is interesting, I wonder if the changes are outside of n8n.

It must be cause my n8n version didn’t even change. I’m good to blame Microsoft for this :wink: Thanks again.

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