Microsoft Teams OAuth2 API connection not working (AADSTS90102: 'redirect_uri' value must be a valid absolute URI.)

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Hi, I am trying to follow the Microsoft Teams tutorial here.
i am getting this error why i click “connect my account”
ERROR: (AADSTS90102: ‘redirect_uri’ value must be a valid absolute URI.)

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Request Id: a8bd5fdc-6812-4240-88d2-89cbb0972000

Correlation Id: 49178361-b495-4b6b-bad6-a65b6a27a422

Timestamp: 2023-10-19T15:06:39Z

Message: AADSTS90102: ‘redirect_uri’ value must be a valid absolute URI.

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If you plan on getting help for this problem, enable flagging and try to reproduce the error within 20 minutes. Flagged events make diagnostics available and are raised to admin attention.

  • n8n version: [n8n:1.5.1v1]
  • hosted on https

Hi @dali_trabelsi :wave: Welcome to the community :tada:

When you set the Redirect URI, did you set it up as Web? :thinking:

We’d also need some more information on how you’re running n8n, as we wouldn’t know exactly what you mean by ‘hosted on https’. Are you running through npm or docker? Would you be able to share your docker-compose file and any other configuration settings? Are there any server settings as well, if your n8n instance is hosted somewhere? Of course, please redact any sensitive information like keys or passwords :+1:

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