Microsoft Teams OAuth2 in documentation

Does anybody know where I can find documentation on this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @dickhoning, this would be described at Microsoft - n8n Documentation and is the same for most MS services. It’s worth noting though that most features of the Teams node (and with Teams in general) only work with a MS365 business account, not with private accounts.

Hi @MutedJam apparently, this works completely different in n8n’s cloud …

You’re right, sorry for any confusion caused here. On n8n cloud it should be a single button click as n8n has already configured an OAuth client for n8n cloud users:

This is also mentioned in the documentation though (though the button is now a rectangle, I shall get this updated):

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Thanks @MutedJam I was actually pleasantly surprised how easy it was to setup Microsoft Teams on This is truly added value that worth every penny of hosting with you guys!

Got my chat creation system up and running in now time :slight_smile:

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