Migrating from standalone to queue mode

I am planning out the migration from my current standalone n8n instance to a queue mode setup and had a simple question. I understand that once in queue mode, I will do my workflow editing on the ‘main’ instance. The question I have though is when I build this out, should my current instance become the main instance and the workers should be fresh/blank installs?

I am self hosted on docker if that makes a difference.

Hey @mbowler,

That is up to you, So you could build out a new install and do it that way and move your workflows over or if you are already using something like Postgres you can just create your workers using the same database you have now and add in Redis and you will pretty much be good to go.

Ok that makes sense. I keep forgetting that it’s all in the database, so it will just ‘sort it out’ once I assign roles to each node. First step is getting it working with postgres…

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