Migration in progress loop / crashing

my n8n installation no longer works. I get a migration-loop:

I tried a clean install (I dropped the database, created a clean DB and deleted all files in my persistent storage) - but I have the same problem with the migration loop.

I’m using currently MySQL on my Synology NAS. I’ve seen that theese backend engines are deprecated with version 0.227.0

I tried to fallback to an older version (0.225.0) : But when I do this, i get an error message, when I look to my workflows (Unknown column ‘WorkflowEntity_WorkflowEntity__WorkflowEntity_tags.workflowId’ in ‘on clause’)

Now I tried to export the workflow, but i get the same error message with the WorkflowEntity.
What can I do? I would prefer to switch to Postgres-db; but at first I have to export the workflows.

UPDATE: The fallback to version: 0.222.1 works. I can open my workflows.

Hey @Azathoth,

Something doesn’t add up here, If you dropped the database to make a new one you shouldn’t have any workflows in the database to export so it sounds like maybe a new database wasn’t created?

I would try updating to 0.234.1 to see if that works but it could be that your database is currently broken and you would need to restore from a backup.

… Just noticed you are on 222.1 and it is working for now, I would use this time to back up those workflows, Although I am still not sure why they are there if you deleted everything :thinking:

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I dropped the database via phpMyAdmin… After dropping I created via UI a new DB.
Now my fallback (including database) is from a backup from may this year… for the moment it is ok.

A backup of my workflow was the first thing i did. I try in the afternoom an update to 0.234.1.
If that doesn’t work, I’ll stick with the old version for now and do a migration to postgres next week.


After the update to 0.234.1 i have the error again

Hey @Azathoth,

Is this with a new database or the old database? If this is the old database that already has an issue I would expect there to possibly still be problems. If it is a new database with just the workflows imported there could be something else going on.

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