Mindee HTTP Request ERROR

Hello everyone, I have a problem.

  1. Using Google Drive I get a file in .pdf format
  2. Next, using HTTP Request (using the Mindee API) I try to extract text from this .pdf, but I get an error: “413 PayloadTooLarge ERROR”
    How to solve it? PDF size less than 1 Mb, n8n installed via npm


If I delete Execute WorkFlow and restart, I get this error
P.S. For the sake of example, I took a receipt from this tutorial, but the error is the same

I believe there is a dedicated node for Mindee, you might have better results using that instead

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Thx, but my Mindee version 1, but read on this forum that maybe errors in Mindee node

In node Mindee(credential - good) this error

I can’t go next…
Please help
Снимок экрана 2022-07-17 в 15.58.17

Double check your API key, there’s most likely a whitespace character either at the start or end of it, could also be a typo
Another possible reason for the error is that Mindee only allows 250 free API calls per month, you might have used them all up

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Thanks,with token resolve problem,my new problem in UPD 2 up screen

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The second screenshot isnt very clear, would it be possible for you to screenshot the entire node like in the first one?
but from what i can see it looks like Mindee isnt receiving the binary data of the file you passed in so I would double check the Binary Property. It could also be possible that something is wrong with the file, click on view in the input tab to make sure the image opens up properly

This error…

Hi @FIRE_TIKTOK, the error message Missing data for required field suggests Mindee is missing some data. On your screenshot, the query parameters field looks empty. I wonder if this might cause the trouble.

A while back I tested a request like this:

Any chance you can give the example workflow from the above post a go and confirm if Mindee accepts your request? You can of course replace the Read Binary Files node with any other node returning a binary item.