Missing badge after passing course level 1

Hi there!

Sadly I’m missing my badge for completing the level 1 course. I’ve noticed that I was not the only one: How to get the badge after pass course level 1 - #3

So it would be nice if you could add that badge for me as well.


Hey @svzi,

Can you share your ID?

Sure: recF49vXDgQjglv9l

Hey @svzi,

Looking at the verification you have not yet completed all the milestones. It looks like sending the message to Discord was not completed correctly, Possibly because the message format didn’t match the string we provide.

I assume it has something todo with this expression in the template:
{{$node["HTTP Request"].parameter["headerParametersUi"]["parameter"][0]["value"]}}

It’s showing in red and the result is [undefined]. But that came to no surprise to me, because I’ve never set that parameter. I’ve set the request param unique_id.

That expression would be coming from the HTTP Request node earlier in the workflow. You could work around it if you did something like…

This week we have {{$json["totalBooked"]}} booked orders with a total value of {{$json["bookedSum"]}}. My Unique ID: recF49vXDgQjglv9l

Yes, I understand where it should come from. But I don’t get how that should work. What is headerParametersUi? Is that something that comes up from n8n internally and contains all custom headers that are set via the UI?

And okay, I did it the lame way and hardcoded my unique_id :stuck_out_tongue: So hopefully the message now fits the acceptance criteria. :slight_smile:

That looks better and you should have a fancy new badge now.

I see the problem now :slight_smile: we renamed headerParametersUi to headerParameters so that will be something else for me to update later.

You can manually find it by opening the expression editor, Selecting Nodes then expanding HTTP Request > Parameters.

This will be the downside of there being multiple versions out there although any current version on Cloud, Self Hosted and Desktop will be fine so it is worth updating the content as everything now matches.

Now I understand. Thanks for the helpful explanation, specially mentioning the expression editor here. That will help me to better debug and understand future (naming) issues. :clap:

I’ve also got the new fancy badge! :partying_face:

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Hi ! Seems, I’ve faced the same problem. I’ve successfully finished course on Jan, 10, but can’t find my badge. Could you help me, please?
My unique_id is recG2Z1WRLEBNxu3g

Hi @Viachek, welcome to the community!

I have now applied your badge :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for quick response!

Hello there !
I got the same issue, and did exactly what you embeded in here, but I don’t have my badge neither :frowning:
I don’t understand why I couldn’t get the data from the HTTP node…

Maybe the badge comes with a little time ? If not, my unique ID is : recYYfGHacbWH4Wk2
If you could help on that I would be glad, thanks in advance !

Kind regards,

Hey @Antoine_GAZAN,

That should be done.

Thank you @Jon !!

Hello my ID is recmUITuRghun0DSc

Can I please get a badge?

Hey @Muhammad_Ardhin,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

Normally I would say yes but you have not completed all of the milestones, The stats for your ID show that the message has not been sent to the Discord channel.

I have completed all milestones, my unique id is reccaaSA6C2CbeoeA

How to apply for badge?

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