Missing level badge

I finished lesson 1 and I still don’t have my badge, when I check it tells me it’s “unverified” like on the picture.

Hi @momo2001tn, I don’t think these certificates are issued anymore, but perhaps @Nikki can help with your course-related question here?

Hi Momo,

I took a look and reissued the badge. It’s now on your profile :slight_smile:
Congratulations on completing it btw, I hope it was helpful (even if a little outdated). I’d be really interested to see how you do with the level 2 course and if you have any feedback.

Thanks for letting me know about the badge issue, I appreciate it.


Thank you for reissuing the badge. I’m looking forward to starting the level 2 course and will definitely share my feedback with you. A big thanks to Nikki and Jam as well.

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