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Using the Calendly Trigger - invitee.created. The problem is that the returning payload has far less data in it than the same payload from Zapier. For example Zapier has the entry invitee_start_time and I cannot find a corresponding entry in the payload shown in n8n. Overall the n8n has less than half of the overall payload entries in the JSON response vs what’s in Zapier for the exact same event/trigger.

Am I doing something wrong?

Running n8n on Mac desktop for testing purposes.

I figured it out. You have to make multiple HTTP requests from the original trigger taking the uri information from the prior payload to get the rest of the information. Looks like Zapier does this automatically. So to get everything Zapier gives in “one” request you have to get the data from the trigger and then make 2 more http requests.

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Hi @Cyclone_Covey, welcome to the community!

Glad to hear you figured it out. You’ll most likely encounter this behaviour for a few more nodes/services in n8n as well. In most cases, nodes are a wrapper around a single API request or incoming webhook. This gives you some flexibility, but could lead to having to use 2 (or more) nodes to get additional details.

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