CRM Contacts Sync with Google Contacts

Hey everyone,

We’re having an issue with creating a bidirectional sync with and Google Contacts. We tried Zapier however that did not sync all the fields we wanted, it was very minimal and disappointing. We are now attempting to use n8n but we’re running into issues with that so we were wondering if anyone here is currently doing this and could offer us some assistance on how this would work. If you read this and it is a solution you are currently utilizing we would greatly appreciate your feedback and assistance.


Hi @Certissima_Admin - welcome to the community :tada:

We do have a node for - you can find out more information about what you can do with it here, and an overview of both nodes can do together here.

Have you signed up and tried building a workflow? If yes, could you share where you’re running into trouble? If not, we have a free trial (or you can self-host for free), and you can get help here in the forums when you get stuck.

Alternatively, you can look into having an n8n expert help you out :slight_smile:

Within the n8n workflow, use the “Mapping” feature to match the fields between and Google Contacts, which facilitates automated data enrichment. This step ensures that the data is correctly transferred from one platform to the other, enabling seamless synchronization of essential information.

Data Transformation (Optional):
If there are differences in the data structure between and Google Contacts, you may need to perform data transformation or formatting in n8n to ensure compatibility during automated data enrichment. By preparing the data to meet the specific requirements of each platform, you can maximize the effectiveness of the sync process and minimize the risk of data discrepancies.

Consider how you want to handle conflicts that may arise when data in one platform is different from the other. During automated data enrichment, scenarios like a contact being updated in both and Google Contacts require careful consideration. Deciding which version of the contact’s information should take precedence ensures data accuracy and consistency across platforms.

By leveraging the “Mapping” feature and employing data transformation techniques in n8n, you can achieve an efficient and effective bidirectional sync that includes automated data enrichment. This empowers your workflow with the most up-to-date and enriched data, enhancing the overall productivity and accuracy of your integrated systems.

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