Monday + Function node

Good afternoon community how are you?!

I’m having a problem regarding monday with the function node

in the node “Compara fecha entrevista” I am placing a condition where I compare the date on Monday
the one of and the one of the GMT -3 that would be the current date, if in the IF I am going to look for the GMT date and the date of Monday only looks for the first item when I have 4 items and the last one has the current date and it also throws it to me to the fake If instead of looking for the GMT date I put the current date in plain text, it goes through all the items and looks for the date that is equal to today’s, that would be the correct way. Any ideas?

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Hey @Internalit_Automatio,

I have read a few times now and I don’t understand what you are trying to do, Are you able to share the workflow and the output data from the Monday node (with anything important replaced) so we can have a play and see if we can work out what you are up to.

I have the inconvenience in the IF “Compara fecha entrevista”

What I do is take the date of GMT -3 and a date that is on Monday in an Item, for example if I have several Items with the same date what it does to me is take the First one and throw the rest to false when they should go to true Now if I bring the date of Monday and instead of bringing it from GMT -3 I place it manually, it throws all the items to True, that this would be the correct thing, the inconvenience I have when I get the date of GMT-3 that it brings me always only the first item and the rest is not taken

Hey @Internalit_Automatio,

If you can give it a run then send over the json output of the Monday node it would be a big help, My initial thought is maybe the datatypes are not the same.

Hey @Jon this is de output monday, these are the parameters that I use in the IF

"id": "3261242640",
"name": "JR0031039",
"created_at": "2022-09-20T16:23:37Z",
"state": "active",
"column_values": [
"id": "pa_s",
"text": "Argentina",
"title": "Country",
"type": "country",
"value": "{"changed_at":"2022-09-28T03:25:27.743Z","countryCode":"AR","countryName":"Argentina"}",
"additional_info": null
"id": "fecha_1",
"text": "2022-09-29",
"title": "HM Interview Date",
"type": "date",
"value": "{"date":"2022-09-29","changed_at":"2022-09-28T12:22:04.038Z"}",
"additional_info": null

Hey @Internalit_Automatio,

Looking at the first if node it is always column_values[2] is this intentional or do you need it to check each column value? For the data snippet you have sent the country is at index [0], The other bit is on the second If it is looking at index [14] which also doesn’t exist in the sample data.

For the data you have provided I take it false is the correct route once the data positions have been fixed?

Do you always get one item from the Monday node as well? It looks like as you are using the node names you are going to hit some issues when using the node names because of how the internal looping works.

You may need to add a Split in Batches node after the Monday node then set the batch size to one and run everything in that loop.

Hi @Jon

They are always the same columns, I have several items that have different dates, that’s why I put the GMT to detect what day it is today and if it coincides, run the workflow and if it’s a different date, don’t do it, the problem I have is that it always take the first item and the rest of the items are True or Flase, cast all to false. How should I do that Split? because I want to place it and it gives me an error that it does not find the row


Hey @Internalit_Automatio,

Looking at it again you might be able to just set the first item in the second If to use {{$json["Fecha"]}} which might do the job.

My worry is you said they are always the same items but the example you sent that wasn’t the case, It might be worth throwing in some checks to make sure the value exists first. That would be the first thing I would check.


I Put the split batches before comparing the date and it works great looping!!

Thank you very much for the help!!!

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