Monday get item needs a carriage return to work

Hi - I’ve found on the monday node to get an item using an expression for the ID - i need to add a carriage return before the ID for it to work or it throws an error on the node:

Normally this would be javascript pulling the data from somewhere else, but to simplify it for the screengrab I just put in a valid item ID. The behavior is the same when pulling an item ID from another node’s output via javascript. @Jon

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Hey @Joey_D_Anna,

I have just taken a look and we expect the Item ID to be a string not a number this will be why {{ 1149741731 }} would fail but just 1149741731 would work.

The same when coming from an expression if it is a string using {{ $json.myString }} will work but {{ $json.myNumber }} will fail. If your value is a number you could use {{ $json.myNumber.toString() }} which will work.

When you add a carriage return it is likely changing the data to a string which is why that works.