Monday node seems very unreliable

The node has very strange behavior

Hello, I wanted to ask this question because I’ve been using n8n for a few months now and as a lot of my data is in a account I’ve been extensively using the node to automate workflows in my company.

But, I keep running into weird behavior for exemple :

  • the “getByColumnValue” node not filtering correctly the items send back
  • the “getBoardItem” returning a error “split() is not defined” on a very simple request where I manully put a ID in the node to test

An I the only one facing such troubles ? Maybe I have a issue somewhere or a lack of comprehension on how to use n8n or the nodes, but currently I’m forces to always get all the items then using a function node filter and get the items that I want.
The goal of n8n for me is to empower non developers (unlike myself) in my company to automate their workflow but this inconstant behavior makes that impossible as we rely a lot on

I would like to know if this is an issue affecting other people, to see if there is a fix or if there is a need to refactor and send a PR with a new version of the node.

Thanks for your feedback !

Hi @Elliot

Can you give an example of the data where it goes wrong?

It would tell a lot more. If it is a bug then your example will help pinpoint and fix the bug.
As I am close to start working with myself, I would probably fix the bug myself if it is clear enough.

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Hi @BramKn
Thanks for your reply.
For example, I have this workflow that gets all items in a monday board that have the value “Nouvelle” (New) in a status column “Statut” (Status), then chooses a random one, update it to set the column status of “Statut” to “Faite” (Done), and then posts a message on a internal chat using Mattermost with the item title of the monday item.

When I run this workflow, the first monday node that uses the getByColumnValue function returns a few monday items, some with the “Statut” column value of “Nouvelle” (as expected) but also some items with the “Statut” column value of “Faite”. And in the returned items there are some items missing even if the board contains <30 items so the limit should not have an impact.

I hope this is a little bit more explicit and detailed !

Hi @Elliot

Could you share a screenshot of the monday node with the settings and what data it returned?

Hi @BramKn
Here’s a screenshot when I execute the node, you can see that the first item does not respect the filter but is returned.

Hi @Elliot

The Id of the column is without the capital S. Could you make sure to set the ID Exactly like the column ID? Hope this fixes it.
Also the value is shown as null and the Nouvelle is in the text field, not sure of that should be like that.

Hi @BramKn,
I’ve selected from the dropdown this name, all the columns name are available for selection when the board ID is recognized, should I bypass that selector and enter as an expression the ID ?

Hi @Elliot

Sorry, didn’t notice the dropdown. It should be fine if that is the dropdown option. But you can try.
I am actually working on flow right now so I will do some testing on my end.

Hi @BramKn
Thanks for your help, as an expression I still see inconsistent behavior :

It does work on some test filtering as I wish but on some other test it does not.
It’s very odd for me and I can’t seem to figure out why it happens.

Hi @Elliot

i’ve been playing with the node myself.
You had it right the first time, as far as I can see.
Can’t think of anything to try at the moment. If I come up with something, I will let you know.
What you can do, is do some testing with “normal” text fields, see if the problem exists then as well.

Hope someone else with some more experience with this API and/or node can help you.

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Hi @BramKn
Thanks for your help ! I’ll continue to test on my side and update this topic if I find new information.

For the moment the reliable way that I have found is to grab all items in a board / group then filter with a little function node to get the desired output.

Have a nice day !